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An expert will visit your site or office to meet with your management personnel.
There, after a broad introduction to the issues you may be having (regarding contracts, claims, disputes, quantum, EoT, cost management, arbitration, mediation) and how you are approaching them, together we can decide whether to investigate further and develop a new approach or consolidate an existing one.


Once your permission has been granted, an expert will be assigned to revisit the management personnel and delve into the contract records.
It may well be that all is in order and robust enough to merit submission and action by the other party.
If a more supportive method can be identified, it shall be formalized in a "Position Report" wherein it will outline the current situation, issues which need to be address to better support the current status and, if needed, alternative methods/approaches which may achieve a smoother or easier resolution.
Contracts: Those with your Employer, Consutlants and Sub-contractors will be reviewed,
Claims: Those that you have submitted or which have been submitted against you shall be reviewed as to their merit.
Disputes: Any that exist will be discussed and priortized into their impact on the Project,
Quantum: Current workiing procedure may be compared against "best practice",
Extension(s) of Time: Whether you have already submitted and/or received ones in counter-claim, it may be determined that alternative methods are better suited,
Cost Management: General approach to how these are controlled may be reviewed,
Arbitration/mediation: It is always imperative to hope for the best but prepare for the worst, hence, your current position and possible exposure will be reviewed.


You will ultimately decide how best to move forward after the first two small steps have been undertaken. Once this is done, you will appoint our expert or experts to undertake the strategy outlined in the "Position Report". A framework shall then be determined how to report and establish findings or improvements on current submissions ultimately leading to formal submission to the other party wherein, it shall be presented, with questions answered and finally decided upon.